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Means to Communicate Information on Civil Protection

  If the Government of Japan deems that it is urgently necessary to protect the lives, bodies, and property of the people, it will issue warnings and promptly notify prefectural governors. When it is necessary to evacuate residents, the Government will instruct prefectural governors to take evacuation measures. In response, prefectural governors notify the warnings and issue evacuation instructions, and through publicity vehicles of municipal governments, communicate the information to residents (See Evacuation System). In armed attack situations etc., it is very important to communicate such information promptly and in a convincing way. For this reason, the Government has secured multiple means to communicate information on civil protection, such as radio networks and satellite communication.

Means to Communicate Information on Civil Protection(Image)

Civil Protection Warning Siren

  When communicating warnings from a municipal government to its residents, if the said municipal government is included in the areas under threat of armed attacks or where the occurrence of armed attacks has been recognized, the said municipal government must draw the attention of the residents, in principle, by sounding a siren. In July 2005, the Government of Japan decided the civil protection warning siren.

Playback of Siren (Windows Media)
* It is strictly prohibited to sound the siren in vain by reproducing or recording it.

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