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Outline of Training Exercises in Tottori prefecture

1. Date and time

August 9, 2006 (Wed.) 11:00 - 15:30

2. Exercise sites

Tottori prefectural government and West Tottori General Office

3. Assumption

A chemical agent bombing incident by an unidentified armed group has occurred at a sports facility where many local citizens gathered for an event. There are many casualties. The fleeing armed group has locked themselves in a public facility, threatening to release large amounts of chemical agents they hold. Deliberations are to be conducted on emergency civil protection measures.

4. Major exercises

  1. Initial response steps following terrorist attack
    Confirming procedures for initial steps to be taken by the Tottori prefectural government before the situation is fully grasped, such as receiving the first report, establishing a prefectural system to handle the incident, and dispatching emergency staff to the site, and so forth
  2. Establishment of Tottori Emergency Response (On-site) Headquarters
    Giving evacuation directives, conducting deliberations on civil protection measures including rescue, collecting and providing information among related organizations, and notifying local citizens of directives
  3. Cooperative activities with related organizations and requests for cooperation
    Requesting dispatch of SDF troops and other wide-area assistance groups

5. Participating organizations

Cabinet Secretariat; Fire and Disaster Management Agency; Tottori prefectural government; Yonago City; Tottori Police Headquarters; Yonago Police Station; Tottori Information and Communication Department of the National Police Agency Chugoku Regional Police Bureau; Japan Coast Guard (8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, Sakai Coast Guard Headquarters, and Miho Air Base); Self-Defense Force (13th Brigade and 8th Infantry Regiment of GSDF, Maizuru District Headquarters of MSDF, Tottori District Cooperation Headquarters); Fire Department of West Tottori Wide-Area Administrative Management Association; and Tottori Office of the Japanese Red Cross Society
*230 participants in total (including those who participated in administrative staff training)

Tottori On-site Headquarters (in the West Tottori General Office)
Tottori On-site Headquarters (in the West Tottori General Office)