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Basic Guidelines for Protection of the People

The Government of Japan adopted the “Basic Guidelines for Protection of the People” at a cabinet meeting on March 25, 2005. The “Basic Guidelines for Protection of the People” classifies anticipated armed attack situations into four types - “landing invasion,” “attacks by guerrillas/special operation forces,” “ballistic missile attacks” and “aerial intrusion” - and describes measures to be taken in accordance with the type of armed attack situations, such as evacuation, relief, and response to armed attack disaster, in addition to setting a basic policy related to implementation of measures to protect the people and standards for formulating Civil Protection Plans etc.

Based on the Civil Protection Law and the Basic Guidelines, designated administrative agencies, local governments, designated public institutions and designated local public institutions formulate specific plans for their respective measures such as evacuation of residents, relief of evacuated residents, response to armed attack disaster (Civil Protection Plan, Civil Protection Business Plan) in preparation for armed attack situations etc.

“Can you tell me a little more about the relationship between the Basic Guidelines and the Civil Protection Plan?” “The Basic Guidelines set standards for formulating Civil Protection Plans. In addition, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency has formulated a Civil Protection Model Plan. Prefectural governments and municipal governments develop their plan based on the model plan. Take a look at the diagram on the next page.”