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It may be difficult for ordinary people to consider as a real issue what we should do in the event armed attacks or terrorism occur in Japan.
The Civil Protection Law, enacted as a part of the contingency related legislation, stipulates that the national and local governments shall jointly deal with emergencies to protect civil safety, but it is extremely difficult to predict when, where, or how such emergencies may occur, although they would cause serious consequences for many people.
If each one of us panics in a real emergency, this might cause a delay in responses and create new risks involving further increased damage.
Therefore, it is very important for us to be always prepared, and to be considering and discussing with family members how to react and what is necessary in emergencies.

Date July 19 (Wed.) 19:00-20:30
Place Academy Hall, Meiji University
1-1, Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Opening Speech

Tetsuo Kutsukake
(Minister of State for National Emergency Legislation)


Midori Miyazaki
(Professor of Chiba University of Commerce)


Toshiyuki Shikata
(Former Commandant,
Ground Defense Force North Headquarters,
Professor of Teikyo University)

Keiko Iiboshi
(Essayist, On-screen talent)

Harutoshi Fukui

Yoshihiro Katayama
(Governor of Tottori Prefecture)

Motomi Inoue
(Cabinet Councilor, Cabinet Secretariat)

Organized by Cabinet Secretariat